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**Non-resident Archery Permits Available**

We specialize in Trophy Whitetail Bucks. We do have a limited number of Mule Deer, with real giants showing up periodically. Most hunting for Whitetails is done from tree stands. We have bow hunted the area ourselves over the last 20 years and have harvested over 30 Pope and Young bucks with numerous bucks in excess of Boone and Crockett minimums.

Our basic archery hunt is five days and, sells for $3,000 with a harvest fee of $1,000.

The harvest fee will help our trophy deer management as well as ensure you that we will do everything we can to get you a buck worthy of its Kansas reputation.

We will work with clients outside of our basic hunts. We'll recover your game and care for the meat while here.

Taxidermy fees, processing and shipping are on you. We do have an award winning taxidermist in the area.

Call for a free copy of our Whitetail video of the deer and the country.



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