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Turtle Dove

Spring Turkey

Quail & Pheasant


We are ranchers and lifelong hunters. We own and control over 25,000 acres of prime wildlife habitat, which is on the Cimarron River drainage of southern Comanche County, Kansas. Our Country consists of sand hills, brushy river bottoms, tree belts, and wooded creeks, as well as upland prairie with cropland fringes.
The area holds in abundance some of the country's best Quail and Pheasant hunting, Turtle Dove hunting at its finest, exceptional Rio Grande Turkey hunting, along with our specialty - some of the worlds biggest Whitetail Bucks. We also offer predator hunting (coyote and bobcat) as they are very numerous.

Our hunts are fully guided. We are small, with very personal service. We believe in the utmost in hunting ethics and only in fair chase hunts. We'll furnish you a place to stay. We aren't chefs and don't want to be. A kitchen and utensils will be supplied. Bring your own food or eat in town. Our goal is to get you away from the crowds and make lifelong outdoor memories as well as to get you your game.For equipments, check url: https://www.survival-cooking.com/binoculars/best-binoculars-for-hunting/


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